Minggu, 23 November 2014

White Theme Christmas Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Christmas is a perfect time to make the whole holiday spirit comes through interior decoration that we can make our home. With a few simple tips, changing some things we have in previous years and buying some other minimum, we can make our homes reflect everything we want for the holiday season.

White: trend in Christmas colors

White is a color that has entered strongly in the Christmas decorations, the tendency is to evoke the snow and cold polar climates combining colors like silver, white or transparent glass.

This trend is highly valued by those who want a modern and trendy atmosphere in your home ahead of Christmas. One of the decorative items for Christmas most popular in recent years is the white Christmas tree, which maintains the traditional image while giving a modern twist evoking the snowy firs.


Christmas trees are white original and elegant than the classic green trees. White combines almost everything and gives light to the room or room where it is placed, if you choose well-ons and colors. For a perfect result indicates these decorating tips:

A good tip for this season is that we replace excess colors that sometimes we, for one. For example, the blank to have a white Christmas to illuminate the spaces of your home. And to get it do not have to go out and buy all white, but to make minimal changes to what you already have, you just need to replace red stuff white, like the leaves of artificial plants that are made.

You can also have as many decorative objects in white and mix color with small detail to avoid that the environment is loaded white color.

In the main hall, the same white mixed with the usual green season can give us a warmer environment. Try the mixture is quite subtle with white being deep and green unclear, to get a holiday look that is beautiful to see and very easy to get. Besides this decoration can leave throughout the winter, because it is not markedly Christmas.

In the dining room you can bet on the white Christmas decorations through linens, adding a fabric covers on chairs, a light chandelier or candelabra, painted in a range of white, porcelain, and fine glassware also adds lightness and transparency.

Improvises some arrangements that create combinations of materials and shades of white. For example, some white candles in candlesticks pickled wood with paint or wear, wrapped with garlands of pearls.

Sabtu, 22 November 2014

6 Tips To Decorate An Open Kitchen

At present, the open kitchen, also called kitchen, is a decorative device that allows us to save space, to a reality where houses of reduced dimensions are rife. These kitchens lack one of its walls and are open to the dining room or living room, integrating, but divided by decorative elements.

In the kitchen, as we have often said, the distribution is vital, which should not miss the cooking area, water area, and a good surface to work, and conveniently save those tools we use every day. Here you have 6 tips for you to implement and build better distribution of your kitchen.

1. Separate visually. Keep in mind that the kitchen is an important room in the house, so you must have some visual autonomy, which can be achieved by a peninsula, an island, a breakfast bar or sliding panels to achieve this objective.
Usually it is left as a mediating element between the kitchen and the living room, dining room or office, which we furnish with nice for that transitions rightly furniture.

2. Integration in decor. When making cards in decorating our kitchen, we must always keep in mind harmonize with the rest of the environments, so that never goes unnoticed and thus get that stands out in all its glory.

3. The striking detail. It can be achieved by a powerful silent bell it extremely decorative and is the protagonist, visually impacting, thus while achieving excellent decorative effect, make sure to take to prevent odors in the rest of the house. Keep in mind that it never hurts to invest in a good extraction system to keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

4. The hygiene. The open kitchen has higher demands a common kitchen, it is exposed to the public gaze and therefore must be kept clean, well organized and with good aroma.

The hygiene should be foremost. Do not leave dirty dishes, or allow the coatings are in poor condition, as are the floors. Everything should look immaculate, lest produce an unpleasant impression to the eye and to prevent tufillos and insects proliferate.

5. Lighting. Lighting should gradually go in the kitchen will be more intense due to the functional requirements. It will be fainter in the dining room, then you should create a relaxed atmosphere for meals.

6. Materials. These stoves require high quality materials by being part of the room, otherwise they would look sad and unattractive.

Marble and granite are the preferred materials for countertops, silestone can also be used in colors that match the rest of the furniture. Marble floors, ceramic and wood floors, are most appropriate to match the floors of the room. The lacquered furniture or furniture with steel and glass doors are best suited for their elegant finishes.

Jumat, 21 November 2014

How to increase the value of your home

The value of your home will change depending on what you do with it, so if maintenance is not as good and you have not paid much attention to improvements price will decrease over time, but if you make some improvements, more small as they are, little by little you will increase the value of your home. Here I show some improvements that will help you achieve that goal.

Tips to increase the value of your home

Get rid of the mess. Make your home look more spacious eliminating unnecessary objects or appear trash. Get rid of furniture damaged, deteriorated, ornaments (small decorative objects) and stacks of paper - or, if you can not let go of anything, put your things in storage until the house is sold.

Make moldings. Small decorative details with pleasure, such as crown molding, and a nice place to put the dining area, plus added value, an excellent look to your space. Also put in rooms like the family room and dining room, ceiling lights as well as putting moldings throughout the house, achieve the same objective.

Windows changes. Another small decorative detail that adds value to your home is to change a normal window by a small bay or leaving the house. If you have the space and money to do just reform a wall and put in place an exit coated windows where you can also put one of those window seats that are special to relax and read a little. These will give you much more light to the room where you put it.
Renova soil. You could also renew all the wooden floor of your home, because this part when you add much value to the spaces is well maintained and beautiful. To change just have to endure a couple of days of dust and work, but if you and your stained or worn floor, you have the option to change a new one or just stab him. And if you want only you can put in the halls and corridors, leaving room with carpets.

Make brightness. The better the lighting of a home, the better it will look. Changing light bulbs to put others to give more light or even to provide a clearer tone inside are some tricks that do not require large investment.

Paint the walls in bright colors can be a good idea for the owner of an apartment, but not everyone has the same tastes and, therefore, the best when you want to sell a home is to choose neutral colors for the walls, which provide warmth and are more impersonal.
If you live in a house with a garden or terrace and have plants in them, make sure you look good. A garden care will help generate in those who visit the house the feeling of the house as a whole is better maintained and in better condition

Kamis, 20 November 2014

Decorating Tips For Corner Room

Many times we make reforms in our room and we know how to proceed in some small spaces or corners that remain forgotten. We leave 3 basic tips to consider and apply anywhere that lacks life.

However, there are several options for these sectors "lifeless" can look original and provide greater energy and charm to the room.
How to decorate a corner of her living room

1. A decorative lamp to direct light, are very striking, and can liven up any space, especially if you have no points of light in the lounge area, and can provide light to the dining room, the living room, and redirect light to the place that you need.

2. Allocate a space or corner for reading, always when we plan to organize our salon we leave a little space for reading, by the window or in a well lit area, that is welcoming, you will not need much room only you can locate a nice high back chair, a table and a decorative lamp.

3. seating corners, modular or upholstery, corner sofas guarantee a good number of seats without the need to occupy too much space, on the other hand its particular form L or U can help us define the different zones distribute in the classroom and even serve to close the gap.

4. Place shelves and shelves in the corners of our home is the perfect alternative to exploit every square meter. There you can store all kinds of objects, from books to decorative elements.

5. Place a cabinet with mirror. These mirrors furniture are offered on the market today, ranging in different models and styles. They are excellent choices of furniture that can illuminate and decorate corners, bringing style and glamor to an interior.

Furniture mirrors allow illuminate and decorate with a new style, plus a chic air any room. Besides the mirrors reflect light, and this makes it multiply, and therefore a greater sense of spaciousness in space is achieved, this is a very interesting application in small spaces.

6. Another excellent option is to place a floor rack. There are racks of different materials to choose the most appropriate depending on room decor. Among them are the different types of wood, iron and even no cane.

Rabu, 19 November 2014

The Classic Style Decorating Ideas for Living Room

 The classic style is very sophisticated, and many like to give a decorative touch to your stay using part of it. What especially looking for this kind of style, elegance is back to the restored and refurbished homes, and can be applied in urban, old houses, recycled featuring designs lobbies and hallways and no big wide open spaces.

How to decorate a classic style

One of the main features of the classical style is the abundance of elements that cause overload environments. Symmetry is the ruler of the decor. A classic decor is provided luxury ornate rooms, warm colors, pomp, splendor, antiques, ultimately an atmosphere of history and romance.

Accessories and materials. Among the items to be underscoring highlight classic style, plants, paintings, sculptures, prints, decorative objects and architectural elements as columns cornices. The same can be wrought iron accessories, china and crystal, polished wood floors, drapes pompous genres where carved friezes bars are used, and special rails.

The ornate frames carved frames, silverware, candlesticks, porcelain, silver or alpaca, small occasional furniture, carpets, tapestries, crystal chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps, adds a touch of class and luxury.

Furniture. The furniture of this style is traditional, and must be distributed symmetrically furniture is characterized by marble finishes, wood walnut mahogany or cherry, and most have finished waxing, although many of them have bathrooms titanium or gold.

Antique furniture are favorites, but also supports classic furniture in wood current manufacturing. It is solid elements oak, mahogany or cherry, with friezes and plaster.

Colors. The colors that prevail in the classical style, are usually nice and very fresh, there are strong colors like red and green, but must be applied in a given context, but paint is used to recover the ancient walls, not hinder Beauty intimate and personal environments well. Light colors are best suited for this trend, cream, green, gray, yellow, help create a serene and sumptuous surroundings.

Selasa, 18 November 2014

Inspiring Black Couch Decoration Idea

A black couch alone, it is of great weight in any room where it is placed, and even more if the room is small, which should prevail light colors. Good thing about a black sofa is that black goes with everything; no color clashes with him. However, each color you associate with black creates a very different appearance, so this is an issue that should be considered and planned carefully.

How to decorate a black sofa

The black on the couch is a complex blend color in decorating because usually provide much heaviness to the environments in which it is placed, in these cases it is necessary to lighten the visual weight with simple decorative methods.

To soften this visual impact, we suggest to see better, you should lighten up the room with white accessories, steel and glass elements, and includes small details and colors.


You can place a delicate shag carpet in a clear tone raw, or resulting contrasting as a tile, and then add the couch a delicate blanket that matches in white soft texture. It also adapts perfectly to smooth an environment with such an important piece of furniture like sofa black color, a floor lamp glass or chrome, possessing a large white screen.

Another way to lighten the visual weight of the black sofa is placed a floor lamp that has a large screen bright; colored vases placed on the coffee table in front of it and small cushions combined with other lighter on it.
Combine black colors

The combination of black sofas with other colors represents an important attraction. The black color can blend well in any design by adding contrast and differentiation thus giving the other colors the opportunity to become notar.Si're looking for a brighter and less sophisticated decorative style, combining black with bright colors create a striking and fun atmosphere. One option is to design the room around a central theme. Sensual, red and black roses create the ideal color range for a themed "Moulin rouge".

The antique furniture, fabrics and elegant brocade curtains drawn complement the look. The black and red are good colors for a room in Gothic style, combined with heavy fabrics like velvet and brocade. Another style that characterizes the black and red is the Asian because red is a symbol of good luck. This style features a thickly lacquered furniture and fittings and intricately detailed.

To conclude the decor, you can take small accessories such as cushions, vases and table decorations that contribute delicate shades of color and to provide the atmosphere a bit of dynamism, without leaving the warmth you deserve it stay in your house.

Minggu, 16 November 2014

Wooden Interior Decoration Ideas for Natural Living Room

Wood is a very warm and natural coating which is durable and easy to maintain, can be placed in any room of the house, both floors and coatings, giving the house in which it is applied a touch that will not happen fashion. By some treatments today wood is applicable in any room of your house.

Wooden floors for every room in the house

Wood is a material that never gets old, and thanks to the different technological advances, today can be applied in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where before it nor thought could be applied, given the factors of moisture and differences temperature. Kitchen. As for the kitchen, advances we have in painting as polyurethane varnishes make any paneling, much more water resistant therefore allows us to apply it to soils such as the kitchen, you have to make an extra protection prevent leaks, give several capable of varnish and cover the joints between the boards, to make it more durable, and care should be used wood products specifically for wood.

Lounge. The use of wood in the lounge, which is the busiest room in the house, we can help give the decorative point of first instance, can be applied on soils with wide boards, which are what they are trendy because look very stylish and provide a visual sense of spaciousness. Give them a matte finish makes the wood look much more natural.


Bathroom. On the other hand it can also be applied in the bathroom, taking into account the changes in temperature and excess humidity usually found in this area of the house, and should prefer those tropical woods or they are treated with waterproofing that protects wood making it easy to wash and support moisture thanks to the different finishes that are applied to it. For bathroom we can choose woods such as teak, iroko, ipe, which are best for their density and high oil content that prevent deterioration easily.

Dorm room. In the bedrooms, brings not only warmth, but makes very pleasant stay, and is one of the best choices for both the master bedroom to the small house, you may prefer light woods such as oak, which is very resistant, and can be easily combined with any style.